How important is a web domain name when it comes to success in business?

It is said that there are over 20 million domain names currently registered online. Therefore, it can be a challenge to come up with a simple yet original name that hasnít already been taken. The name you choose will be directly related to how successful you are in e-commerce. Remember that in general simple domain names are best to use in marketing. Your web audience moves fast and wants a domain name thatís easy to recall and easy to search for. Long domain names, even if they are clever, tend to be more confusing or at the very least, wearisome to type.

Some Web owners in marketing recommend using your name in the domain name, especially if you have an unusual name or if it is an important part of your business. This is a formal introduction to your character and quickly associates you with your product. If your name is relatively common then try combining it with your last name or perhaps include a middle initial. Another option is to choose a domain name that sums up your online identity, that is, the image that you are projecting. For example, if your specialty is selling green supplies and equipment, you could call your domain something to the effect of "The Green Man", a phrase that associates you with your online business.

How about choosing a controversial domain name that still gets the point across? It is a possibility, and something to the effect of is easy to remember. However, there are two cons to consider here. First, your domain name could become a laughing stock in the eyes of potential customers and attract negative attention. Two, you could offend some customers and perhaps even draw irate criticism by way of email, telephone or even your home address. Thatís rightóanyone can look up your domain name data and learn such personal information. Unless you want to live like a celebrity and deal with paparazzi every day, itís best to keep things prudent.

When simplifying your web domain try and keep only the major phrase along with a .Ke .com or .net top level domain. Though this may not be a necessity right away, as your business grows you do want to gradually phase out subdirectories and have a clean, concise domain name that will quickly capture interest.

If you have reason to believe that your business would benefit from a domain name that is already taken then it may be time to consider buying the domain name from its present owner. Sellers of domain names will charge top dollar if possible, because they know the value of a catchy business name.

If you need additional help try researching popular online domain names for your type of business. You could even survey peopleís thoughts on what seems like the best domain name for your company. The answer to choosing the right domain name for your business is to create a fast connection to your audience. Once you achieve that, they will be listening intently to your message!

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