Internship Programme

Internship Programme – We Hire Character and Train Talent

What is an Internship Programme?
Internship programmes are designed to give University and College students an opportunity to complement their formal education with career-related experience. In most cases, these programs are initiated by universities/colleges as a formal part of their curriculum; however more and more businesses are taking an active role in organizing these beneficial programs. Knowing the competition in today’s professional environment, students often need more than just a college degree/ diploma. Businesses and organizations are putting pressure on schools to better prepare students for the actual requirements of the competitive market.

About Us

GBC which was founded in 2006 offers flexible ICT web solutions in web design, web based Monitoring and Evaluation (M & E) systems and reporting tools, mobile web applications, domain registration, web hosting, social media and internet marketing and other web design services with professional project delivery and expert advice. We assist clients improve organizational and individual performance by leveraging well-managed ICT infrastructure, backed up by expert support and advice. We aim at being the ICT web solutions provider of choice in Eastern Africa based on our client approach.

Our way;

GBC believes in nurturing talent from within and the internship programme is designed with the objective of ensuring a continuous stream of talent for growth. Our internship programme is part and parcel of our core business strategy and we retain all our interns who buy into the long term vision of the company.

The benefits of Internship:

  • We offer a stipend to cater for your commuting expenses.
  • We offer free lunch.
  • We give you the opportunity to deploy your talents.
  • We give the opportunity to convert your technical skills into business solutions.


Our quality standards:

  1. Simplicity
  2. Avoid Mistakes
  3. Cleanliness and Neatness
  4. Clear Objectives
  5. Responsibility
  6. Cooperation
  7. Observe Deadlines
  8. Quality Controlling
  9. Improvement

We have high standard guidelines when dealing with clients:

  • We promise a friendly voice at the end of the phone
    The friendly voice of a real person who knows what he or she is talking about - and who first and foremost listens to you.
  • We promise to resolve problems promptly
    Sometimes, we make mistakes. Other times, for whatever reason, things go wrong. As soon as we know there's a problem, we act. We explain exactly what steps we'll take to rectify the situation, and we give you regular progress reports as we go through those steps. More often than not, there's a happy ending. That's because we go to great lengths and do our very, very best to resolve the situation to your satisfaction.
  • We promise to look after the client
    You always have a named account manager to look after you. They will get to know you, your business and what you expect from us. They will also talk straight, sort things out and look after your interests with the right solutions at the best value.
  • We promise flexibility
    We have systems and processes. But we also have flexible and experienced people with a willing attitude and a must-get-through approach, who deliver the solution you need.
  • We promise to keep it simple
    We work on a simple theory. The easier we make it to use us, the more you'll want to.
  • We promise not to over-promise
    We can provide pretty much any web-based solution. It's rare that we can't meet your request - but we'll never say we can do something, when we know we can't.
  • We promise to listen and learn
    We're good but we can always be better. We want to hear your opinions and views about us and how we perform. We listen to what you say, and use it to improve what we do. It's continuous improvement through customer involvement. So don't hold back - feed back.

Why would you want to have a long term career with GBC?

  • We offer full medical cover from reputable health Insurance covering In and Out patient, dental and optical.
  • All our staff are fully insured against work related injuries through the Work Injury Benefits ACT.
  • We offer subsidized lunch.
  • We offer a conducive work environment and opportunity for growth.
  • We have in place an employee ownership plan and all staff who qualify become part owners of the company.
  • We give you a chance to roll out web solutions that some of the big industry names use to support their business goals.


We are looking at someone who is passionate about technology and has a long term view of growth. We need you to come and challenge the status quo in web solutions and push the limits of what can be done.

Kenneth Muturi

I got thrown into the deep end and found myself doing full websites and later systems working as a developer. Currently I am the Technical Manager.
Kenneth Muturi
Technical Manager

Godwin Toilem

GBC tries to make you grow in all aspects and also GBC gives you an opportunity in the ICT industry.
Godwin Toilem
Web Systems Administrator