Internship Programme - Kenneth Muturi

When did you graduate

I graduated on one Sunny Friday Morning 24th September 2010 to be precise.

What University did you attend?


What degree did you do - has it proved useful?

I did Electrical and Information Engineering Lets say it opened my eyes.

When did you join GBC?

I started work as an Intern on 22nd February 2010. I can recall since it was a chilly morning.

What attracted you to GBC?

I cant put a finger to that for sure, but one Rose Maghas had definitely something to do with it. She had the audacity to give this poor sap a chance. I took a mile.

Brief career history - what is your current position?

I came in as an Intern, mostly doing graphics (I was shocked when I was told to upload stuff online I had to Google cPanel). Graphics can at times be boring especially when using Fireworks. I got thrown into the deep end and found myself doing full websites and later systems working as a developer. Currently I am the Technical Manager.

A typical day in your current role.

I get to the office and am sure a Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Notepad++, Chrome or Netbeans window is open. If Im not working on anything in particular, I have to keep tabs on all the Projects that are ongoing. Sometimes I get to work on pretty fun stuff using PHP, jQuery and CSS.

What have you enjoyed most about your time here?

The Company retreats These guys are a happy lot and they sure know how to let their hair down, cant wait for the next one. I also like the challenges (What wont kill you can only make you better No idea who said this, but it works in this case)