By Nickson Ratemo

Internet marketing basically is the promotion of goods and services by the using the internet. This term is quite often used interchangeably with digital marketing. Social media, search engines and email are the current major channels of this form of marketing. A website is core if you want to be a success in this type of marketing. This is because all online marketing initiatives are essentially channelled towards your website.

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Studies show that consumers make preliminary research on goods and services online before actually making the final decisions

Benefits of Internet Marketing


With internet marketing, businesses can be able to reach a wider audience in a large geographical area within a very short time. Statistics show that there is about 39.9 million people in Kenya subscribed to the internet as 2016.

Cost effective

This especially applies to online stores. It is much cheaper to sell your goods or products online rather than having physical outlets for instance spread across the country. Case in point is Jumia online store which in fact doesn’t even have that one physical store in the first place.


With online marketing one can be able to keep records of a particular customer. This is done by noting the particular web pages a customer regularly visits.  By having customer preference in your database business can therefore be able to extend specialized offers to individual prospects.


It is easier to build relationships with your customers through digital marketing.  This is typically from email newsletters and sort of specialized offers to asking them to take a simple online survey or product reviews. Building this kind of relationship helps improve customer loyalty and retention.

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