By Nickson Ratemo

In this article we’ve rounded up 7 seo copywriting practices that will not only help improve your seo rankings but also boost your ability to connect with your readers successfully.

Research Relevant Keywords

Don’t make an assumption that you know offhand all the terms and phrases your customers are using on search engines when looking for goods or services. Make use of tools such as Google Adwords Keyword Planner, Ubbersuggest, wordstream or SEMrush to have a test of a variety of keywords related to your industry.

The most important aspect you should be looking for here is the active search volume for each search term. Always use the keyword with the largest search volume and less competition. Besides, it is highly recommended of you to use both ‘short tail’ and ‘long tail keywords’ for overall good performance.

Write for both humans and search bots

Don’t be hell-bent on attracting crawlers to your site forgetting that you are actually writing for human to read.

Anyone would be able to tell whether you have what they are looking for on reading the first few lines of your text content. Basically concentrate on writing content that ‘convinces’ the audience to buy into your idea.

State the facts

Establish your credibility by backing up your points with good statistics. Correctly cite the source e.g bloggers, authors etc. The point here is if you try to steal someone’s content for use on your website you website could be penalized by search engines.

Address the needs of your target audience

Always strive to satisfy your readers’ needs and desires. Don’t be self-centred in your viewpoint rather give facts as they are. Put yourself in the reader’s shoes every time you come with an article.

Speak their language

Quite often I have encountered authors using industry jargon that is too technical for their target audience. It is absolutely wrong. Anyone would be interested to read in a language they understand. The moment a reader encounters a difficult term within your article they might be scared off never to come back again. So avoid it.

Create SEO friendly titles

Ideally titles should be short enough to avoid being cut off on search engines results listings. For example for many years Google requires that the number of characters on the title tag should be between 55 – 60 characters.

Internal linking and Calls to action

Create good internal links where possible. Interlinking related pages in your website not only guides users to navigate but also help improve your search engines rankings. Calls to action also play similar roles.

If correctly implemented the above seo copyrighting tips would not only improve your seo rankings but also help increase user engagements with more sakes leads.

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