By Nickson Ratemo

There are a variety of ways through which a website can be built but there are key features that remain consistent. In this article I am going to focus on such major aspects of a good looking website. If these characteristics are well managed you will have a lot of leeway in other areas and still manage to have a good looking website.

Okay, let’s get started…

Well designed.

The design of your website is one of the first things anyone would want to see. Basically a good website design will not only satisfy internal teams but it will also woo visitors when they land on the website.

A website plays a very important role as it displays the professionalism of your business to your customers online. Besides a good website design is likely to appeal search engines thereby improving rankings in terms of search engine optimization.


A good website design should be easier to navigate. Navigation menus should be clear and easily understood by even the person visiting the web for the first time. You don’t want a situation where people get stuck on a page not knowing where to move to next.

Some of the factors to here include:

  1. Have a logical navigation structure on your site that makes sense
  2. Strive to keep navigation as simple as possible
  3. Place buttons and dropdowns where a typical web user can find them easily
  4. Use a language that is understood and makes sense to your site visitors. Avoid corporate speak and uncommon industry jargon that doesn’t make sense to your customers.
  5. Try to make the layout consistent in all the pages on your website.

Optimized for search

Search engine optimization is simply the process of affecting the position of a website on search engines. SEO plays a very important role as it is one of the crucial digital marketing channels. Web designers often overlook this aspect. There is no point of building a nice looking website that is not visible online. Otherwise, all that effort in design and ux will be naught.

Carefully choose keywords and search phrases related to your niche that people often search the most online. Correctly place them in the meta tags on your website pages.  

Mobile friendliness

A big mistake in the 21st century is having a website layout that doesn’t respond and adjusts itself to fit the screen accessing them. A significant number of internet surfers currently use mobile phones to access the internet. In fact mobile friendliness is nowadays a ranking factor with regards to search engine optimization.

Clear calls to action across the site

Ideally every website is created to serve a purpose.

If your website pitches for a product and actually never asks a user to do anything – they may do what you ask – nothing. Make sure your websites “seduces” and prompts a visitor to do a certain task like downloading a file or making a call to your business. 

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