Digital Marketing has progressively moved from just being informative and entertaining to interactive.


Are you a Digital Marketing enthusiast? Are you a professional Digital Marketer? Are you prepared to embrace what Digital Marketing has for you in the future?

It is quite certain that we should all expect the Digital Marketing Industry to be shaped by top notch innovative ideas. One definite development would be the integration of Digital Platforms / social networks so that they work harmoniously.

On the other hand, traditional media is here to stay but will have to work together with the new media. Though, the future of print media is really threatened as we already know. In fact players in this industry are advised to proactively think outside the box before change catches up with them.

The primary reason we expect a lot of changes in this industry is that, players are engaged in a cut throat competition to outdo each other in this contest for consumer attention. It is a healthy competition as it has brought about new ideas and the biggest winner here is the consumer. All these efforts are geared towards enticing consumers more than competitors.

We are all aware that advertising increasingly moved from just being informative to entertaining. But that is not all, the next stage is interactivity. Yes, consumers want more fun and so advertisers can achieve this by delivering their messages in interactive forms.

So what are these surprises that Digital Marketing has for us in the future? Food for thought…

The future of Digital Marketing

Virtual reality (VR)
This gives consumers a chance to interact with products in a simulated three dimensional environment, created using interactive software and hardware technologies.

Augmented Reality (AR)
A more advanced form of Virtual Reality. While VR replaces the real world with a simulated one, AR creates a real-time interactive environment in which a user can digitally manipulate information.

Visual Messaging and less text
Pictures speak better than words. This means future advertisers are bound to use more images as opposed to text while passing across information about their products and services.

Reliance on Digital Data for decision making
Digital Marketing activities generate a lot of measurable data. This same data is useful for marketers when planning for instance, in market segmentation. It would not be a surprise therefore when future marketers heavily rely on these data in their decision making.

Wearable Digital Devices
These include smart watches, fitness trackers, smart clothing, smart jewellery and implantables. They collect vital lifestyle information / data like a person’s eating habits, heart beat among other data. This is essential market information intelligence gathering that helps marketers promptly plan and respond to consumer issues.

Human Intelligence vs Artificial intelligence
We have witnessed heated debates on whether Artificial intelligence is superior to Human Intelligence and if Human Intelligence can be replaced.
Despite these arguments, artificial intelligence is here to stay and professionals will increasingly rely on this. Already we have unmanned drones, robots and computer games among other innovations.

This is only but a small glimpse into the future of Digital Marketing. There will be more invention definitely as the future is bright.



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