If there is anything more we at GreenBell take pride in apart from ensuring maximum client satisfaction from our service, it is giving back to the community. Every year, members of staff at GreenBell take time off their usual activities at work and we come together as one and dedicate time to giving back to those who are less fortunate. We strongly believe that one has to give back in order to move forward and when people come together with a purpose, powerful things happen; and powerful things did happen on Saturday the 24th of September 2016.

All GreenBell members of staff headed to Pistis Children's Home in Nakuru with the primary purpose of knowing and understanding the lives of the little children as well as to spread some happiness and plaster smiles on the beautiful young faces of Pistis. We also wanted to celebrate with them the commemoration of the 10 years that GreenBell has been in operation.

DSC 1351


Needless to say, all those objectives were successfully achieved. Upon arrival, the staff members surprised the children with gifts that were celebrated by song and dance by both the children and staff members. 

Philip and Duke join the children in dance

 DSC 1273


We all shared an afternoon meal of french fries, pilau chicken stew and mbuzi stew later over verbal engagement with the means of understanding the lives of the children. The children were later divided into groups according to their ages for small competitions, puzzles and different games.



Rose Maghas sharing a moment of laughter with the children

It wouldn't be a celebration without celebration cake would it?

Happy 10th birthday GBC

GBC MD Rose Maghas and Pistis Founder Gladys Wekesa cutting cake


All in all, the activities had a profound and meaningful impact on both the children and the staff members as it was possible to breathe in and literally feel the love and positivity that was in the air that day going through one’s nasal cavity. It was evident on the faces of the children that they had a blast from the GreenBell visit as they literally stood in our way when dusk approached and it was time to make the long trip back home. Their insistence on us staying there much longer to the point of offering to unload our personal effects off the bus so we could spend the night filled all our hearts with joy and emotion. GreenBell looks forward to giving back even more in future and encourage others to join us next time in participation.

 GBC Team and the Pistis Children

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